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Also, Britt you need to join the comm! :)
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The Players:
Please claim your character here.

Harry - essawkward
Draco - kurla88
Hermione - gifted_dream
Ron - slash_a_holic
Ginny - sira
Luna - jazzyjello
Seamus - pavalova
Cho - flipperland
Dobby - bribitribbit
Winky - kelvinyip
Dumbledore in all senses - oralroberts
Hagrid - foxtrot_pasta
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The Rules:
This is a very simple RPG. All posts will be in the community. There won't be commitment, or plot, or rules about what you can and can't do. I simply ask that you read all of Essa's World that has been written so far, that you try not to contradict others too badly, and that you're generally respectful. Since all the players will be lovely chatters and tehgutterites, I know I won't have to worry.

Any questions? Comments? ♥
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