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The Players:
Please claim your character here.

Harry - essawkward
Draco - kurla88
Hermione - gifted_dream
Ron - slash_a_holic
Ginny - sira
Luna - jazzyjello
Seamus - pavalova
Cho - flipperland
Dobby - bribitribbit
Winky - kelvinyip
Dumbledore in all senses - oralroberts
Hagrid - foxtrot_pasta
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On December 26th, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC), gifted_dream commented:
Hermione Granger
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On December 26th, 2005 11:04 pm (UTC), jazzyjello commented:
Okay, I'll be Luna. Mwahahhahahaha.
On December 26th, 2005 11:06 pm (UTC), essawkward replied:
Yay Luna!
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On December 27th, 2005 12:20 am (UTC), pavalova commented:
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On December 27th, 2005 01:48 am (UTC), kurla88 commented:
Draco, if no one wants him.
On December 27th, 2005 01:52 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
You're just silly sometimes.
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On December 27th, 2005 01:59 am (UTC), gifted_dream replied:
You are.
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On December 27th, 2005 02:01 am (UTC), kelvinyip commented:
I want to be Winky. :D
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On January 8th, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC), bribitribbit replied:
omg you are dobby's lover.
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On December 27th, 2005 02:26 am (UTC), oralroberts commented:
I claim Dumbledore--soul, ghost, portrait, and corpse.
On December 27th, 2005 02:43 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
I hadn't even thought of the portrait.
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On December 27th, 2005 05:14 am (UTC), slash_a_holic commented:
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On December 27th, 2005 05:37 am (UTC), slash_a_holic replied:
Wait, is [Unknown LJ tag] me or was that there before? *short-term memory loss*
On December 27th, 2005 05:43 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
What are you talking about? :P
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On December 27th, 2005 05:44 am (UTC), slash_a_holic replied:
Psh, you can't fool me. EMAIL ALERTS DON'T LIE. :D
On December 27th, 2005 05:45 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
*whistles innocently*
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On January 1st, 2006 01:59 am (UTC), flipperland commented:
Cho / random characters or objects or whatever? :P
On January 1st, 2006 02:00 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
I'd rather everyone have one set character, and then if people need random chars/objects in an RP they can use them. Hopefully less with the random chars.
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On January 1st, 2006 02:06 am (UTC), flipperland replied:
*shrugs* Me's fine with it, Cho can be a h0r and get it on with everyone anyway. XD
On January 1st, 2006 02:09 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
You'll be a lovely h0r!Cho.
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On February 9th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC), sira commented:
*randomly joins thing she just heard about five minutes ago*

Er, can I be Ginny? *ebil grin*

*♥'s you*
On February 9th, 2006 12:46 am (UTC), essawkward replied:
Suuuuuuuuure. :) I think only coeur has played Ginny ever. :O!

*♥'s you more*
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On February 9th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC), sira replied:
Muahaha. My Ginny shall be interesting, then. I've had waaaay too much practice writing her. *has, for some reason, had an abundance of Ginevra in her WIPs*

*so ♥'s you more*
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